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Pinewood Sailer "Sharpie" Kit
Pinewood Sailer "Sharpie" Kit
Pinewood Sailer "Sharpie" Kit
Pinewood Sailer "Sharpie" Kit
Pinewood Sailer "Sharpie" Kit Pinewood Sailer "Sharpie" Kit Pinewood Sailer "Sharpie" Kit Pinewood Sailer "Sharpie" Kit

Pinewood Sailer "Sharpie" Kit

Seaworthy Small Ships

The Sharpie is a flat-bottomed American workboat with a very shallow draft, used up and down the East Coast in he 19th Century. Designed to be sailed by one person, they are fast, versatile boats used for everything from mail delivery to oyster harvesting. This Sharpie is bermuda-rigged, meaning that the top of a large triangular sail is held by a mast and the bottom edge is controlled by a boom. Bermuda-rigged sails are easy to raise and control single-handed, but require a tall sturdy mast.

Pinewood Sailers are easy to assemble with real sailing capabilities. With simple adjustments of sail and fin these small ships will sail into (close hauled), across (reaching) and with (running) the wind in pool, pond or sea. Pre-cut wood parts and sail require NO glue to assemble for sailboats. With only scissors to cut rigging line and tape, even novice modelers will be ready to launch in minutes.

Kit Includes:

  • Pre-shaped Solid Wood Hull
  • Wooden Fin Keel
  • Wooden Mast and Spars
  • Pre-cut poly sails
  • Cotton Rigging Line
  • Rigging Tape
  • Illustrated Assembly and Sailing Instructions
  • Sandpaper

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Paint or Permanent Markers

Seaworthy Small Ships' wooden model boat kits are more than just toys: they are designed by a boatbuilder and they really sail! All you need are a few household tools and imagination - everything else is included in the kit.

Maker: Seaworthy Small Ships
Manufactured In: Prince Frederick, Maryland
Recommended Ages: 6 & up
Packaging: Boxed
Finished Dimensions: 11" long by 3" wide by 10½" high (2½" keel)
Collection: Pinewood Sailer Model Kits