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Building the Uqbar Dinghy

Building the Uqbar Dinghy

International Marine Publishing

By Redjeb Jordania

Build your own boat in five easy steps!

CUT all parts to exact shape with the help of our cutting diagrams. EPOXY fiberglass tape on the outside of the seams. STITCH the hull panels together with metal or plastic wire-ties. SNIP OFF the wire ends on the outside and fair. GLUE the panels together by spreading epoxy putty over the wires

In just a long weekend or a few evenings, you can realize your boat dreams with the guidance and detailed instructions offered in Building the Uqbar Dingh. Boatbuilder/designer Redjeb Jordania walks you through the building process with advice on materials, techniques, tricks and traps, and more.

Inside you will find:

Plans and cutting diagrams for all models, including rowing as well as sailing versions

  • A captioned Visual Guide that will show you all the steps and illustrates vividly the techniques used in building an Uqbar
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • First-hand descriptions from boat enthusiasts of their experiences building the dinghy on their own to give you the confidence that you can do it, too
  • A glossary of terms related to the building process
  • A list of suppliers so you can easily find what you need

    If you are a boat enthusiast, a Scout leader looking for an epic project for your troop, or a woodworking hobbyist wanting a new challenge, Building the Uqbar Dinghy gives you all you need to fulfill your boatbuilding dreams.

    Title: Building the Uqbar Dinghy
    Author: Redjeb Jordania
    Publisher: International Marine Publishing
    Published: February 19, 2014
    Pages: 96
    ISBN: 9780071831017
    Binding: Paperback