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Captain's Quick Guides: Sail Trim and Rig Tunning

Captain's Quick Guides: Sail Trim and Rig Tunning

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A Captain's Quick Guide

By Bill Gladstone

The essential information boaters need – onboard and at their fingertips

On the water, when questions arise, there's no time to search through an exhaustive manual. The Captain's Quick Guides provide all the answers – fast. Drawn from the world's largest boating library, each laminated Quick Guide presents 14 color panels of authoritative, concise information on a critical topic, designed for onboard quick reference. Quick Guides are:

  • Hinged and laminated for durability and resistance to water damage
  • Carefully organized with color illustrations for instant, easy answers
  • Ideal for emergency situations with an at-your-fingertips format
  • Just right for tight quarters, where space is an issue

Title: Sail Trim and Rig Tuning: A Captain's Quick Guide
Author: Bill Gladstone
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: August 5, 2005
Pages: 16
ISBN: 9780071440134
Binding: Folding Guide
Series: Captain's Quick Guides