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Great American Shipwreck Stories

Great American Shipwreck Stories

The Center for Wooden Boats Store

Edited by Tom McCarthy

A gripping collection of disasters at sea and stories of the men and women who faced perhaps the greatest challenges of their lives. Some survived to tell the tale. Others went quickly to the bottom, never to be seen or heard from again. Here are fires and whales, reefs and incomprehensible storms, and the sailors who met them head-on, accepted their fates as sailors do, and then went on to survive as best they could. 

This stunning collection shows the indomitable spirit of the American sailor, often far from home and thrown into the worst of conditions. Things get tough, then they get infinitely tougher. These survivors shrug their shoulders as if the wreck and the sinking are but minor irritations. They build sextants from old clocks, construct new boats from thick trees. They survive with rigid discipline. They move on. They survive.