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Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings

Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings

By Aldren A. Watson

An illustrated guide to woodworking tools and how to use them.

For those who would like the benefit of a woodworker's extensive experience with hand tools, this is the book to own. Crammed with practical information, it is the next best thing to looking over a craftsman's shoulder while he works, asking questions, getting straight answers in plain language, and seeing how each tool is held and manipulated to get the best work out of it.

The anatomy and workings of the bit brace, chisel, square, level, saws, drawknife, specialized planes, and a long list of other hand tools are described and shown in precise detail in more than 400 of the author's lucid drawings. An illustrated appendix gives plans and dimensions for making a workbench and numerous useful accessory tools and jigs. 

"In building the dory, Lilviking, as a man with very limited experience of the use of hand tools, I came up against many problems. Had I had Aldren Watshon's book, most of them could have been solved by consulting it. The book is a real mine of information and is beautifully produced with admirable drawings." - Basil Greenhill, director, National Maritime Museum, London


Author: Aldren A. Watson
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, Ltd.
Pages: 412
ISBN: 9780393322767
Binding: Paperback