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My First Book of Knots: A Beginner's Picture Guide

My First Book of Knots: A Beginner's Picture Guide

By Berndt Sundsten & Jan Jäger


A beginner's guide to knot tying for both the child and the child at heart.

Knot tying is one of the most useful and practical skills that continues to instruct and entertain people of all ages, whether child or adult. Specifically catered to the young at heart, this charming picture guidebook of knots will school your child, your grandchild, your godchild, and perhaps even you in the valuable art of knot tying. Learn how to secure knots for use in activities such as:

Fishing * Camping * Ranching * Wrapping Presents * Family Tying * Shoelaces * And More 

Find out how Santa Clause ties up his sack of presents and learn how to tie a knot that will help you lift heavy objects. Wow your friends with a double figure eight bend, or save the day with a square knot. My First Book of Knots is a landmark gift that will impact children (and craft-loving adults) with hours of fun and a lifetime of skills.

Berndt Sundsten & Jan Jäger are both teachers. They live in Sweden. 

Author: Berndt Sundsten & Jan Jäger
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Pages: 45
ISBN: 9781629146549
Binding: Paperback