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Sea Flea "Viking Longship" Kit

Seaworthy Small Ships

The Viking Longship is a square-rigged sailing vessel, meaning the sails are carried on horizontal spars called "yards" held perpendicular - or "square" - to the keel of the vessel. Square rigged vessels take advantage of strong directional winds, but sacrifice upwind manueverability. A fin keel helps keep the Viking Longship on course, and high bow and stern prows help it cut through high waves.

Sea Flea Pocket Yachts are the smallest functional sailboats in the world! They literally sail on a breath of wind in seas as small as a kitchen sink, and need only scissors to assemble. Once the kit is opened, they are ready to sail in minutes. Fully adjustable sail and keel fin make sailing on all points possible.

Kit Includes:

  • Pre-cut and slotted wood mast and spars
  • Rigging Line
  • Keel Fin
  • Illustrated Assembly and Sailing Instructions
  • Pre-cut and drilled balsa wood hull
  • Pre-cut poly sail
  • Sandpaper

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Paint or Permanent Markers

Seaworthy Small Ships' wooden model boat kits are more than just toys: they are designed by a boatbuilder and they really sail! All you need are a few household tools and imagination - everything else is included in the kit.

Maker: Seaworthy Small Ships
Manufactured In: Prince Frederick, Maryland
Recommended Ages: 6 & up
Packaging: Boxed
Finished Dimensions: 8" long by 3" wide by 10½" high (2½" keel)
Collection: Pinewood Sailer Model Kits