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Staying Afloat: Life Aboard Houseboats, Barges and Liveaboards

Staying Afloat: Life Aboard Houseboats, Barges and Liveaboards


by Jeri Callahan


This charming book sails away from the typical photographic tours found in most houseboat books, focusing instead on the stories of the enchanting people who dwell by the docks. Undoubtedly, Seattle's Lake Union is a stunningly beautiful area. But it is the marvelous mishmash of freshwater folks and the unique community they create that makes living off-land so intriguing. Stay Afloat profiles a diverse assortment of water dwellers and their lives on the lake. Step onto the dock with the family of five the size of their previous bedroom suite, the couple who bought the famous "Sleepless in Seattle" floating home, the retired Microsoft bachelor with an underwater basement and wine cellar, and many more fascinating folks. 

The Center for Wooden Boat's late founders, Dick and Colleen Wagner, are the subjects for the chapter titled "The Old Boathouse".