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The Adventures of Ocraman! The Drab Debacle

The Adventures of Ocraman! The Drab Debacle

The Center for Wooden Boats Store

By Howard N Garton

Seattle, Washington, home to our superhero Orcaman, who with youthful optimism, exuberance, and a spirited sense of slap-yourself-on the back-good times, cannot be deterred by those whose self esteem is somewhat defective.

Please abide by the Orcaman Tenets:

  1. Goodness not Badness
  2. Social Discourse
  3. Courtesy
  4. Don't Hurt the Earth

To help those less fortunate than you is God's greatest gift. Just remember, you and Orcaman will live forever. Be happy, raise your left hand forefinger, and go for it! Everything done with Orcaman and the Orcaman Adventure Series is governed by Howard's Law: No one gets hurt, the process is a lot harder than originally planned, and the results are usually hysterical.

Hakuna Matata!!